Friday: 9.09.2022_MeiMeidling 

MEI MEIDLING, the hands-on climate-Grätzl project is a citizens’ initiative of committed residents who want to proactively shape their immediate living space and develop it into a climate-friendly district.

The association, whose activities are not geared towards making a profit, aims to upgrade the Grätzl, increase the quality of stay in public space, develop and implement measures to adapt to climate change and thus also stimulate the local economy.

The association sees itself as an idea and communication platform for residents, visitors, business people, experts and other interested parties who are concerned about the development of the Grätzl.

We started the day in Rosaliagasse with breakfast in the Grätzloase( After a short discussion on how the activities should be embedded in the context of the street festival, we started setting up the different stations: Food for a good deed or comment on the neighborhood, a paper airplane competition, a treasure hunt, a blank canvas for a community picture and some language learning games. The coaches were also able to explore the rest of the climate festival. After lunch at the Meidlinger Markt we continued the activities – in the afternoon more and more people came to the event. After a break we met again for Cycle Cinema in Supergrätzl, 10th district. Although the screening unfortunately had to be canceled due to heavy rain, we were still able to meet one of the professors of the Central European University and one of the organizers of the Space and Place project in Vienna .