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Raumpioniere – an agency for urban makers founded in Vienna in 2017:

Urban projects are often complicated to implement, especially for smaller organisations and freelancers. It takes special knowledge and experience to be able to work together with the authorities and various stakeholders. In order to not have to face all these challenges alone, Jan Gartner and Lisa Reimitz-Wachberger founded Raumpionniere and its website in 2017. The website is based on 3 principles: Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowdengagement.

With its unique concept, it is not only about donating money, but also about the possibility of sharing knowledge, time or donations in order to work together in a participatory way on the development of public space. 

In the film, Jan Gartner, the founder of Raumpioniere, talks about the concept, the role of equity in cities and how we should rethink the way we deal with urban space.


Jan Gartner – founder and managing director

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