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“Advanced Living Groups – Generation 50+” 

The demands of an ageing population on housing are changing, they are becoming more independent and the need for community is growing.

In Vienna, the age group of people over 65 is expected to almost double by 2075(*1). In addition, more difficult living conditions and new family models mean that we have to rethink life in retirement.  

The “Wohngruppe 55” has been dealing with communal living in old age for more than 10 years. In 2011, it founded a residential community in Vienna’s 16th district with 13 flats and a “floor community” with seven residential units and associated common rooms. They combine living in separate barrier-free flats with a binding commitment in the house community. 

In the following film, Ralph Ullsperger and Irene Pobitzer describe their experiences, everyday life and challenges in the elderly housing community. 

This housing project shows how ageing can be rethought and how access to community and society can be maintained in old age.


Ralph Ullsperger – Inhabitant
Irene Pobitzer – Inhabitant


Wohnen für Fortgeschrittene 55+ – Wien
Sources: Wolfgang Loibl/Tanja Tötzer – Zukunftsthemen für die Wiener Stadtpolitik

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