Project Partners

WONDERLAND - Platform for European Architecture

Wonderland is an European network of architects and urban and regional planners. The network is focused on sustainable and inclusive topics in regeneration and development process’. Social cohesion, justice, accessibility and sustainability are core values and the organization has numerous board members who are experts for various promising projects in Europe (Horizon, Creative Europe, Urbact, Interreg, UIA, Erasmus+, Cost Actions and New European Bauhaus). The Austrian based organization’s aim is to foster exchange through different formats. Since the beginning, wonderland has focused on exchange between professionals and citizens, how the vacant spaces can be a resource for the growing and changing cities and their challenges, while empowering grassroots initiative to have a sustainable impact on their built environment.

STEP Institute

STEP Institute mission is to empower people for better functioning in the work environment through innovative methods. STEP helps people to discover and nurture their talents, develop professional and soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, mentoring, coaching etc.) and realize entrepreneurial ideas into marketable solutions. They are established in Ljubljana and within their organization are gathered several experts in the field of urban development governance, education, research and policy making.

Environmental and Territorial Management Insitute

Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) is a non-governmental, non-profit environmental organization founded in March 2014. ETMI collaborate with experts in the field of environment, territory, other related fields to promote environmental territorial management at regional, national and international level in accordance with modern sustainable development standards. ETMI is mainly active through its five programmes: Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Climate and Energy, Environmental Governance and legislation, Industry and Health, Sustainability, Territory Management.

GO2 - Sustainable Urban Planning Organization

GO2_Sustainable Urban Planning Organization was founded in 2012 by a group of urban planning experts from various disciplines, and it is one of the main actors in urban planning in Albania. Its mission aims to improve the quality of life of our community, while two of the main directions of its work remains natural environment, built environment as well as land use. The GO2 Albania is in Shkodra, Albania and works mainly with vulnerable people dealing with urban development, youth engagement, and gamification tools for urban planning.

REIC - Regional Education and Information Centre

REIC's vision is to be a focal point for capacity building processes for environmental education and sustainable development in South-East Europe. In that respect will be created an organized instructive basis for informing, networking, and training in order to expand capacities for regional sustainable development. They are established in Sarajevo, BIH and within their organization are gathered several experts in the field of sustainability, urban development, governance and policy making.


New Horizon's goals and objectives of this organization are: to increase the participation of children and young people in the social life of the community, to help the improvement of the situation of minorities and marginalized groups, to encourage active citizenship and volunteering at the local level and beyond, to contribute to continuous improvement of interethnic dialogue in Ulcinj, Montenegro and beyond, to develop cross-border dialogue and cooperation, and to promote European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

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