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Spatial Justice lessons from Austria
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  1. How does settlement density impact young people's life?
  2. Social campaigning and storytelling
  3. Affordable living instead of just affordable housing
  4. How to initiate diversity? Reflecting on Spatial Justice
Spatial Justice lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  1. Vacant Space in the Access to Culture
  2. Protection of Houses of Culture from the Socialist Period
  3. Protection and Renewal of Industrial Heritage
  4. Meet the Social Cultural Centre from Sarajevo
Spatial Justice lessons from Albania
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  1. Three insights on spatial planning - the case of Shkodra
  2. We and the public space
  3. Tek Bunkeri and the Albanian society
  4. Civic engagement against gentrification
  5. Transforming the neighbourhood: A collaborative journey towards revitalization
  6. Designing together “Don Bosko Neighbourhood”
  7. Revitalization of Lapraka Neighbourhood
  8. Urban intersection for great community use
Spatial Justice lessons from Slovenia
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  1. How does space affect our feelings, attachment and identity?
  2. Spatial Justice, balancing space
  3. How to inspire young people to take action and transform their space
Spatial Justice lessons from Montenegro
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  1. Spatial Justice in the context of Montenegro
  2. Transformation of the old city library to Youth Corner
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