Local Events

GO2 guided one session of the gamification with the project partner representatives and Urban Advisors from Albania in order to get to know all the process, tools and dynamics that took place in Tirana, Albania. All the representatives were active participants taking the assigned role and conceptually designing a town for children. The game was developed in 3 rounds, mainly the first design phase, the natural disaster scenario, and the neighborhood revitalization plan from the municipality. In between each round, a discussion session took place, in order to do an overview of what has been done in the intervention area and the objectives that have been achieved so far. One of the most important things is to discuss how the stakeholders have collaborated in placing the assets in the model. It is noticed that due to having objectives to achieve, participants focus on fulfilling them, rather than considering where they are putting the assets.

After the game session, a discussion took place on the impression of each participant, what they noticed was designed and thought properly and what could be improved, where the game mechanics falters. Move over, preliminary partner representatives discussed at what level this tool could be adapted to the local context of each country.

The next challenge remains the adaptation of this game to other contexts – Austria, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia.